My Journey with Quantum Paleo

This is not Greg, but rather his partner Vince. Greg asked me to share my story on his blog about my weight loss, new meal plan and overall wellness. I am about to start my second round of the Quantum Paleo (affiliate link) diet, written by my chiropractor/nutritionist Dr. Doug Willen. But before I do, I wanted to share my results from the first round. After reading Dr. Willen’s book, I mentally prepared myself and selected the three weeks I would do this new diet.  I stayed away from sugar, dairy and wheat. I ate mostly vegetables, fruits and nuts, and natural sources of caffeine. For me I focused the first week on food, then added exercise my second week. However, I did not eliminate alcohol until my third week (on Paleo one isn’t supposed to drink alcohol).  Also during the third week, I still exercised as often as my body would allow, on top of my performances (I play Luke in the first national tour of Anything Goes). And poof, that was my journey. So, as they say, “pics or it didn’t happen:”

Before I started the Quantum Paleo diet I was 183 pounds and had 16% body fat.

After my 21 days with Quantum Paleo, I weighed 176.6 pounds and had only 9.2% body fat.

I also want to extend a special thanks to my Holistic Health Coach, Robin Cervantes for her guidance. During the third week of my Quantum Paleo diet I got the results of my IgG blood test, which told me what foods would impede my optimum health. I found out I was sensitive to a lot of the foods that were in my Paleo and non-Paleo diets. So I started to take those foods out my diet which I think also helped.

Right now I’ll be taking a little break from the Paleo diet, as suggested in Dr. Willen’s book, but yes, I will go through another 21 day period of Quantum Paleo but with the added dietary restrictions from my IgG blood test.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope my journey inspired some of you to seek a more optimum state of health. If you guys are interested in sharing a similar journey, Dr. Willen’s book is available on and it’s called Quantum Paleo (affiliate link). You can look him up online or email him at For nutrition and wellness coaching catered to your specific goals, blood type and life style, Robin Cervantes can be reached at

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